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Commissioned system development

Commissioned system development

These are our core capabilities:

Innovative and unconventional solutions - We manage to implement your idea of a new product of the building envelopes. It includes feasibility analysis, generate a concept design, structural and thermal calculations and assessments, provision of mock-ups and prototypes within our own production facilities, performance test to the point of a finished product with the CE-certification and ready for the market.

Outsourcing - Should your development department have no capacity or you don’t even have one, then our offer is to chance to outsource your innovative development works to us.

Risk transfer - You can transfer the risk of a budget overrun to us.

Capacity shortage - During a period of shortage we will maintain close partnership to complement your development department.

Development standstill - if the progress of a new development is stuck on a challenging detail we will provide support in form of new viewing directions and creative ideas to show new ways of progressing.

Further developments

Further developments of existing systems - All proven systems will need to be optimized due to new and increased requirements. As part of further developments we can support during the re-launch process. This includes following items: Value engineering, material optimization, improvement of the system performance, optimize and rationalize the manufacturing and production process.


Clients, Investors- and architects consultancy - Are you in the planning process for a project with an innovative building envelope made of glass and metal? We are offering a complete consultancy support including concept designs, provision of performance specifications and selection of the best fitting system, materialsand finishes together with support for the planning commission and we will come along with you through the project and site management.

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