Innovation doesn’t need a frame | Persuasive arguments

Innovation doesn’t need a frame

Bigger glasses, more light, filigree construction, high thermal performance, protection against burglary, less embodied energy in manufacturing, sun screen and natural ventilation are only a selection of the high requirements which the building envelop must fulfil the visual impact on the urban environment. The Start-Up-Company GPF Innovation GmbH with the associates Gabriele Pillitteri and Patrick Furrer met this big challenge.

After 5 years of intensive developing works including the CE-certificate at the testing facilities, two Swiss patents finally the RLPAF is ready for the market. The advantage of a parallel opening window is, as the name already reveals, that the window opens parallel to the outside and therefore no precious living and working area is wasted. Due to the stack-effect the stuffy air can escape at the top of the window and new fresh air can flow in from the bottom.

However the building management system makes sure that the window closes again if for example if it starts to rain or if the tenant missed to close the window at night. The RLPAF can be used on façades and roofs of different buildings; from high-rise buildings to single family houses. The high aims of the company are to cover the Swiss market as system supplier and in a second step to achieve a worldwide distribution. The first own developed system acts as a confirmation to get external development mandate on the route to the competence center and think tank in the world of window and façade constructions.

Persuasive arguments

These facts convince:
  • Completely concealed window opening mechanism
  • Not distinguishable from a fixed glazed units
  • Follows the architectural trend
  • High performance facade with a UCW- value of 0.9 W/m2K
  • Consumes less embodied energy in manufacturing
  • More daylight and increased external view with mullion width of only 60mm
  • Window sizes up to 1500mm x 4000mm (glass weight up to 400kg)
  • Free cavity achievable up to 100mm around the perimeter of the window in open position (approx. 1.3m2 free area)
  • CE - certified & patent protected
  • CE - Zertifiziert & Patentrechtlich geschützt
  • Fewer components than existing framed systems saving on costs and reducing production time
  • The RLPAF can be installed as well as a punch window
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